Kids Corner

Why Eat Better?

A statement I hear frequently is some variation of, “I’m going to use a mix, this is just for a class of first graders.”

Or maybe, “I’ll just get cookies from the store, kids don’t know the difference.”

I bristle when I hear it. No wonder we’re facing the medical dilemma of treating obese children for hypertension and problematic cholesterol. It’s not a matter of whether kids know or care about the difference between a mix or baked from scratch. The issue is whether we want to contribute to their health and well being or increase their odds of developing chronic disease at a very early age.

Shouldn’t the well being of our children be our biggest motivator to clean up our dietary act? How many elementary aged kids have to develop high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, and Type-II diabetes for us to spring into action? Why is the nation not impressed with the prediction that our children are not going to live as long as we do unless we make major changes in our lifestyle? Join us in a journey toward better eating for our kids. Our goal is to replace the garbage with really tasty alternatives that contribute to good health and daily well being.

In our Kids’ Corner we hope to provide ideas and encouragement to see you well along in your journey. As a start we would like to say that change does not always come easy and a learning curve exists. We also say the goal is within everyone’s reach and it may not be as difficult as you think. We also know the benefits of making the change to a healthier lifestyle.

Let’s begin. See our next Kids’ Corner article for a good place to begin.