Pantry Staples

Your pantry should include products that suit your taste. We will regularly be focusing on specific products that you might not have experience with in our “Try Something New” column. Our goal is to help you incorporate as many flavorful and natural products as possible to create a varied and delicious array of meals for yourself, your family, and your patients.

Should you throw away every box of processed food in your pantry? We realize that completely replacing everything in your pantry would be extremely expensive. Use what you have and when you replace items, make natural and more healthful choices. This allows you to gradually change your diet, one step at a time.

Protein sources
Dried beans, peas, legumes
Canned beans (pinto, black, kidney, chickpeas, garbanzo)* (contains additional sodium)
Canned tuna, salmon, sardines

Grains/Fiber (some fiber)
Focus on whole-grains
Rices (avoid converted or paraboiled white rice)
Flours (avoid bleached white flour)
Grains (bulgar, wheat berries, couscous, etc)
Dried pasta

Tomatoes* (could contain additional sodium and other ingredients like high fructose corn syrup)

Fiber, Baking, and Snack Items
Dried fruits
Sugars (brown, granulated, powdered)
Baking powder
Baking soda
Teas and coffee