Eat Well, Live Well: Yes, these things can co-exist!

Our nation has become nutritionally confused. Chronic disease has reached epidemic proportions and is affecting the well being and longevity of our children. We are inundated with advice that confuses us further. Most of it is negative with long lists of things we are not allowed to eat. The list of positives is short and generally offers programs, supplements, pre-prepared foods and quick fix plans that are costly, complex, and nutritionally incomplete. Almost no one is advising us to give our bodies what they need in a way that makes sense.

We are pharmacists with extensive clinical experience who have long realized the value of a common sense approach to healthy eating that is easy, affordable, and delicious. Finding complete, unbiased, and accurate information to guide the effort of staying healthy is not easy. We are committed to providing common sense medically sound information along with practical suggestions for making and maintaining this lifestyle change.

PharmFoodie offers training to pharmacists whose patients are seeking nutrition advice and resources for their patients. We also offer nutrition and lifestyle counseling for individuals, employers, community groups, and other healthcare professionals.  Our training and resources offer a positive approach to nutritional health for health care professionals who seek to improve outcomes for their patients and consumers who want to improve their quality of life and reduce their risk of chronic disease.